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Author Title Publisher Document Type Date
Niedecker, Lorine Lake Superior American lake series - Ft. Atkinson Archive Document
Niedecker, Lorine Lake Superior Canada and Minnesota '66 Archive Document 1966
Niedecker, Lorine Lorine's handmade book for Aeneas Archive Document
Niedecker, Lorine Minn. alphabetized Archive Document
Niedecker, Lorine Notes Archive Document
Niedecker, Lorine Paean to Place Archive Document 1969
Niedecker, Lorine Personal cookbook Archive Document
Niedecker, Lorine Schoolcraft Archive Document
Niedecker, Lorine [Scrapbook of Lorine Niedecker's on travels in 1967-68 to Lake Superior, Michigan, Canada, North Dakota, and Minnesota] Archive Document
Niedecker, Lorine [Scrapbook of Lorine Niedecker's trip to South Dakota in 1965] Archive Document
Niedecker, Lorine Small handwritten notes Archive Document
Niemann, Michelle Towards an Ecopoetics of Food: Plants, Agricultural Politics, and Colonized Landscapes in Lorine Niedecker's Condensery Johns Hopkins University Press Article 2018
Nietzsche, Friedrich Thus spake zarathustra Boni and Liveright, N.Y. Book
Norman, Charles Ezra Pound Macmillan, N.Y. Book 1960
Nowell-Smith, Simon The legend of the master Scribner Book 1948
O'Brien, Geoffrey Bardic Deadlines: Reviewing Poetry, 1984-95 U Michigan P Article 1998
O'Brien, Geoffrey Review 1986
Oderman, Kevin Lorine Niedecker: Houses into Hoopla Article 1988
Oler, Andy Middle Ground: Literary Masculinity, Rural Space, Midwestern Modernism PhD Dissertation 2013
Olson, Charles Call me Ishmael Grove Book 1947
Olson, Charles Selected writings New Directions Book 1966
Olson, Ray Review 2002
Oppen, George Discrete series Objectivist Press Book 1934
Orwell, George 1984 New American Library Book 1940
Orwell, George The Paris review, no. 31, Winter-Spring 1964 Book

749 resources


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