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Author Title Publisher Document Type Date
Liszt, Franz The letters of Franz Liszt to Mare zu Harvard Book 1953
Lawrence, D.H. Studies in classic American literature Doubleday Book 1951
Lawrence, D.H. Etruscan places Viking Press, N.Y. Book 1957
Laughlin, James Quello che la matita scrive Guanda Book 1970
Keats, John Selected letters Doubleday Book 1951
Jones, H. Spencer Life on other worlds New American Library Book 1940
Jefferson, Thomas Autobiography of ____ Capricorn Books, N.Y. Book 1959
James, Henry Casebook of 'The Turn of the Screw' Crowel Book 1960
Hunt, Leigh Autobiography Cresset Book 1948
Hopkins, Gerard Manley A selection of his poems and prose Penguin Books Ltd., Middlesex Book 1954
Homer The odyssey New American Library Book 1937
Homer The iliad New American Library Book 1950
Henderson, Philip William Morris McGraw Hill Book Co., N.Y. Book 1957
Hamilton, Edith The Greek way to western civilization New American Library, N.Y. Book 1949
Goodrich, Lloyd Winslow Homer Braziller Book 1959
Gilot, Francoise Life with Picasso New American Library Book 1964
Gardner, Albert T.E. Winslow Homer Bramhall Book 1961
Fromm, Erick May man prevail Doubleday Co. Inc., N.Y. Book 1960
Fisher, Louis Gandhi New American Library Book 1946
Farrow, John The story of Thomas Moore All Saints Press Book 1954
Emerson, Ralph Waldo The selected writings of ____ Random House, Inc., N.Y. Book 1950
Russell, Bertrand Selected poems of ____ The Modern Library, N.Y. Book 1927
Copland, Aaron What to listen for in music Mentor Book 1939
Copeland, Charles T. Selections from Byron, Wordsworth, Shelley American Book Company Book 1909
Clemens, Samuel L. Life on the Mississippi Bantam Books Book 1945

749 resources


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