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Author Title Publisher Document Type Date
Goldern, Harry Only in America Permabooks Book 1958
Clemens, Samuel L. Life on the Mississippi Bantam Books Book 1945
Ritchie, A.D. Civilization, science and religion Penguin Books Book 1945
Russell, Bertrand A history of western philosophy Simon Book 1945
Rilke, Rainer Maria Selected letters Doubleday Book 1960
Bergson, Henri The creative mind Philosophical Library Book 1946
James, Henry The American scene Scribner Book 1946
Phillips, William Great American short novels Dial Book 1946
Wilde, Oscar Portable Oscar Wilde Viking Book 1946
Zukofsky, Louis Anew, poems Decker Book 1946
Eiseley, Loren The immense journey Vintage Book 1957
Emerson, Ralph Waldo Basic writings of America's saga Penguin Books Book 1947
Lecomte du Nouy, Pierre Human destiny New American Library Book 1947
Olson, Charles Call me Ishmael Grove Book 1947
Payne Robert The white pony Day Book 1947
Shakespeare, William Introducing Shakespeare Penguin Books Book 1947
Slaughter, Frank G. Your body and your mind Signet Book 1947
Stravinsky, Igor Poetics of music Vintage Book 1947
Hunt, Leigh Autobiography Cresset Book 1948
Nicolson, Marjorie H. Voyages to the moon Macmillan Book 1948
Nowell-Smith, Simon The legend of the master Scribner Book 1948
Rodman, Selden 100 American poems New American Library Book 1948
Shakespeare, William Four great comedies Pocket Books Book 1948
Tolstoy, Leo Anna Karenina Pocket Books Book 1948
Zukofsky, Louis A test of poetry Objectivist Press Book 1948

749 resources


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