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  • Links to Lorine's small handmade books from the digitized archive.

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Author Title Publisher Document Type Date
Emerson, Ralph Waldo Society and solitude Houghton Book 1912
Ellis, Havelock The dance of life Houghton Book 1923
Miller, Perry Together with notes and commentary by H.D. Houghton Book 1958
Thoreau, Henry David A week on the Concord and Merrimack rivers Houghton Book 1961
Aldington, Hilda Doolittle (H.D.) Heliodora and other poems Houghton Mifflin and Co. Book 1924
Devoto, Bernard The journals of Lewis and Clark Houghton Mifflin, Boston, N.Y. Book 1953
Lamb's tales from Shakespeare Hurst Book
Arnett, Willard E. Santayana and the sense of beauty Indiana Univ. Press Book 1957
Holy Bible Inter. Natl. Press, Philadelphia Book
Bosley, Keith The Full Note: Lorine Niedecker Interim Press Article 1983
Dent, Peter The Full Note: Lorine Niedecker Interim Press Book 1983
Freeman, John The Full Note: Lorine Niedecker Interim Press Article 1983
Lenin, Vladimir Ilich Materialism and empirio-criticisms International Book 1927
Marx, Karl Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels International Book 1934
Selaam, Howard What is philosophy? International Publications Book 1983
Handbook of Marxism International Publishers Book 1935
Those who built Stalingrad International Publishers Book 1934
Rochester, Anna rulers of America International Publishers Book 1936
Engels, Frederick Her Eugen Duhring's revolution in science International Publishers Book 1939
Davenport, Guy Do you have a poem book on e.e. cummings? Jargon Society Book 1969
Niemann, Michelle Towards an Ecopoetics of Food: Plants, Agricultural Politics, and Colonized Landscapes in Lorine Niedecker's Condensery Johns Hopkins University Press Article 2018
Metcalf, Paul Genoa Jonathan Williams Book 1965
Stevens, Wallace Harmonium Knopf Book 1923
Mansfield, Katherine Journal Knopf Book 1927
Lawrence, David Herbert Pansies, poems Knopf Book 1929

749 resources


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