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Author Title Publisher Document Type Date
Huxley, Aldous Leonard On art and artists Harper Book 1960
Shapley, Harlow A treasury of science Harper Book 1943
Santayana, George Interpretations of poetry and religion Harper Book 1957
Santayana, George Winds of doctrine and platonism and the Harper Book 1957
Kierkegaard The journals of ... Harper and Bros., N.Y. Book 1959
Penberthy, Jenny Rossetti to Sexton:Six Women Poets at Texas Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center Article 1992
Frank, Philipp Modern science and its philosophy Harvard Book 1949
Liszt, Franz The letters of Franz Liszt to Mare zu Harvard Book 1953
Pound, Ezra The classic anthology defined by Confucius Harvard Book 1954
Herbst, Josephine New Green World Hastings Book 1954
Woolley, Edwin C. Handbook of composition Heath Book 1920
Sanderlin, George College reading Heath Book 1953
Sale, Roger Discussions of the novel Heath Book 1960
Shakespeare, William Discussions of Hamlet Heath Book 1960
Adema, Marcel Apollinaire Heinemann Book 1954
The religion of beauty: selections from the aesthetes Heinmann Book 1950
Poetry Out of Wisconsin Henry Harrison Book 1937
Duekin, Leonard The natural history of a yard Henry Regnery Co., Chicago Book 1955
Ford, Ford Madox Portraits from life Henry Regnery Col Book 1937
Fuller, B.A.G. A history of philosophy Holt Book 1955
Robinson, C.A. An anthology of Greek drama, first series Holt Book 1949
Keats, John Keats' will-read urn, an introduction to literary Holt Book 1958
Malroux, Andre Anti-Memoirs Holt, Rinehart and Winston, N.Y. Book 1968
Lamont, Corliss Dialogue on George Santayana Horizon Book 1959
Dahlberg, Edward Truth is more sacred Horizon Book 1961

749 resources


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