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Author Title Publisher Document Type Date
Marlatt, Daphne Review 1975
Martha, Nichols Review 1987
Marx, Karl Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels International Book 1934
Maurois, Andre Portraits (In French) Le Cercle du Liore de Book 1955
McKeon, Richard Introduction to Aristotle Random House, N.Y. Book
Melvill, Herman Selected poems Doubleday Book 1964
Melville, Herman Stories, poems and letters Dell Book 1962
Melville, Herman The confidence-man New American Library Book 1954
Merton, Thomas Raids on the unspeakable New Directions Publications, N.Y. Book 1960
Metcalf, Paul Genoa Jonathan Williams Book 1965
Meyer, Wayne Lorine Niedecker: a Life by Water Article 1983
Meyer, Thomas Review 1977
Middleton, Peter Folk Poetry and the American Avant-Garde: Placing Lorine Article 1997
Middleton, Peter The Objectivist Nexus:Essays in Cultural Poetics U Alabama P Article 1999
Mill, John Stuart On liberty, representative government, and Oxford Book 1912
Millay, Edna St. Vincent Letters Grosset Book 1952
Miller, Henry The wisdom of the heart New Directions Publications, Norfolk Book 1941
Miller, Henry Stand still like the hummingbird New Directions Publications, N.Y. Book 1962
Miller, Henry On writing New Directions Publications, N.Y. Book 1964
Miller, Perry Together with notes and commentary by H.D. Houghton Book 1958
Miller, J. Hillis The disappearance of God Schocken Books Book 1963
Miller, Megan Modernism's History of the Earth PhD Dissertation 2012
Milton, John L'Allegro, Il penseroso Ginn and Co., N.Y. Book 1900
Milton, John Areopagitica Oxford University Press, London Book 1947
Miracle, Faith She Rose From The Marsh Wisconsin Trails Article 1994

749 resources


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