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Author Title Publisher Document Type Date
Santayana, George Interpretations of poetry and religion Harper Book 1957
Santayana, George Winds of doctrine and platonism and the Harper Book 1957
Shaw, George Bernard Four plays Laurel Book 1957
Williams, William Carlos Selected letters McDowell Book 1957
Janson, H.W. The picture history of painting from cave Washington Square Press Book 1961
Corso, Gregory Gasoline City Lights Books Book 1958
Duncan, Robert 'Letters' Williams Book 1958
Emerson, Ralph Waldo A modern anthology Laurel Book 1958
Gorham, Charles Wine of life Dial Book 1958
Keats, John Keats' will-read urn, an introduction to literary Holt Book 1958
Miller, Perry Together with notes and commentary by H.D. Houghton Book 1958
Read, Herbert The nature of literature Grove Press Book 1958
Russell, Bertrand The will to doubt Philosophical Library Book 1958
Shaw, Bernard Seven one-act plays Penguin Books Book 1958
Thruelsen, Richard Adventures of the mind Vintage Book 1959
Bigland, Eileen Mary Shelley Appleton-Century-Crofts Book 1959
Dolan, Edward F. Green universe Dodd Book 1959
Fiedelson, Charles Interpretations of American literature Oxford Book 1959
Goodrich, Lloyd Winslow Homer Braziller Book 1959
Lamont, Corliss Dialogue on George Santayana Horizon Book 1959
Lee, Laurie Cider with Rosie Penguin Book 1959
Reznikoff, Charles Inscriptions: 1944-1956 Shulsinger Book 1959
Butler, OP, Father Richard Life and world of George Santayana Regnery Book 1960
Caesar, Julius War commentaries New American Library Book 1960
Fraser, G.S. Ezra Pound Grove Press Book 1960

749 resources


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