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Author Title Publisher Document Type Date
Knox, Jane Shaw Lorine Niedecker: An Original Biography Dwight Foster Public Library Book 1987
Tarlo, Harriet Kicking Daffodils: Twentieth-Century Women Poets Edinburgh UP Article 1997
Enslin, Theodore The place where I am standing: poems Elizabeth Press Book 1964
Corman, Cid Plight, a book of poems Elizabeth Press Book 1968
Niedecker, Lorine Blue chicory Elizabeth Press Book 1976
Thoreau, Henry David Walden or life in the woods Everyman's Library, E.P. Dutton, N.Y. Book 1927
Pound, Ezra Active anthology Faber Book 1933
Brooke, Rupert The poetical works of Rupert Brooke Faber & Faber Book 1967
Pound, Ezra The cantos of ____ Faber & Faber, London Book 1960
Shakespeare, William Shakespeare without tears Fawcett Book 1942
Hawton, Hector Philosophy for pleasure Fawcett Book 1956
Hazlitt, William The Hazlitt sampler Fawcett Book 1961
Schlesinger, Arthur Jr. A thousand days: John F. Kennedy in the Fawcett Book 1965
Williams, William Carlos Kora in hell: improvisations Four Seas Book 1920
Winters, Yvor The bare hills, a book of poems Four Seas Book 1927
Paul Hayes, Martha Bergland Increase Lapham and Lorine Niedecker Friends of Lorine Niedecker, Inc. Article 2015
Penberthy, Jenny Lorine Niedecker's Century 1903-2003 Friends of Lorine Niedecker, Inc. Article 2015
Eigner, Larry Another time in fragments Fulcrum Book 1967
Bunting, Basil Loquitur Fulcrum Press Book 1965
Bunting, Basil Briggflatts Fulcrum Press Book 1968
Snyder, Gary A range of poems Fulcrum Press Book 1966
Pickard, Tom High on the walls Fulcrum Press Book 1967
Niedecker, Lorine North central Fulcrum Press Book 1968
Niedecker, Lorine My life by water: collected poems, 1936-1968 Fulcrum Press Book 1970
Marek, George R. Beethoven Funk Book 1969

749 resources


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