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Author Title Publisher Document Type Date
Keats, John Selected letters Doubleday Book 1951
Keats, John Keats' will-read urn, an introduction to literary Holt Book 1958
Kenner, Hugh Wyndham Lewis New Directions Book 1954
Kierkegaard The journals of ... Harper and Bros., N.Y. Book 1959
Kilroy, James On Modern Poetry: Essays Presented to Donal Davie Vanderbilt UP Article 1988
Kinzer, Gregory S. Catalysis: Experimental Poetry and the Sciences PhD Dissertation 2006
Kitses, Jasmine Simple Marks: Moments of Punctuation in Twentieth-Century Poetry PhD Dissertation 2015
Kleinzahler, August Review 2003
Knox, Jane Shaw Lorine Niedecker: An Original Biography Dwight Foster Public Library Book 1987
Krueger, Kurt I was Hitler's doctor Biltmore Book 1943
La Fontaine Fables Viking Book 23408
LaFollette, Robert M. Political philosophy Author Book 1920
LaMont, Corliss The Philosophy of Humanism Philosophical Library, N.Y. Book 1957
Lamont, Corliss Dialogue on George Santayana Horizon Book 1959
Lao Tzu The way of life New American Library Book 1955
Laughlin, James Quello che la matita scrive Guanda Book 1970
Lawrence, D.H. Etruscan places Viking Press, N.Y. Book 1957
Lawrence, D.H. Twilight in Italy Viking Press, Inc., N.Y. Book 1963
Lawrence, T.E. Seven pillars of wisdom Doubleday and Co., N.Y. Book 1963
Lawrence, D.H. Studies in classic American literature Doubleday Book 1951
Lawrence, D.H. St. Mawr and the man who died Vintage Book 1928
Lawrence, David Herbert Pansies, poems Knopf Book 1929
Leary, Lewlis Motive and method in the Cantos of Ezra Columbia Book 1954
Lecomte du Nouy, Pierre Human destiny New American Library Book 1947
Lee, Laurie Cider with Rosie Penguin Book 1959

749 resources


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