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Author Title Publisher Document Type Date
Kenner, Hugh Wyndham Lewis New Directions Book 1954
Leary, Lewlis Motive and method in the Cantos of Ezra Columbia Book 1954
Melville, Herman The confidence-man New American Library Book 1954
Morain, Lloyd Humanism as the next step Beacon Press Book 1954
Pound, Ezra The classic anthology defined by Confucius Harvard Book 1954
Super, R.H. Walter Savage Landor N.Y. University Book 1954
Whitehead, Alfred N. Dialogues, as recorded by Lucien Price Mentor Book 1954
Moore, Harry T. The intelligent heart Grove Press Book 1962
James, Henry Selected letters Doubleday Book 1955
Lao Tzu The way of life New American Library Book 1955
Pleasants, Henry The agony of modern music Simon Book 1955
Santayana, George Letters Scribner Book 1955
Santayana, George The sense of beauty Modern Library Book 1955
Warren, Robert Penn Six centuries of great poetry Dell Book 1955
White, Morton The age of analysis Mentor Book 1955
Ginsberg, Allen Howl, and other poems City Lights Pocket Bookshop Book 1956
Hawton, Hector Philosophy for pleasure Fawcett Book 1956
Platt, Rutherford The river of life Simon Book 1956
Santayana, George Character and opinion in the U.S. Doubleday Book 1956
Woolf, Leonard Virginia Woolf & Lytton Strachey, letters Harcourt Book 1956
The American tradition in literature Norton Book 1957
Creeley, Robert The whip Migrant Books Book 1957
Dahlberg, Edward The sorrows of Priapus New Directions Book 1957
Huxley, Julian Knowledge, morality, and destiny, essays New American Library Book 1957
Russell, Bertrand Understanding history Wisdom Library Book 1957

749 resources


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