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Author Title Publisher Document Type Date
Williams, William Carlos Selected poems New Classics Book 1949
Reznikoff, Charles Five groups of verse Author Book 1927
Reznikoff, Charles By the waters of Manhatten New Directions Book 1959
Cabell, James Branch Beyond life: Dizaine des Demiurges Modern Library Book 1919
Wilkinson, Marguerite New voices Macmillan Book 1921
Fry, Roger Vision and design Penguin Book 1920
LaFollette, Robert M. Political philosophy Author Book 1920
Tawney, Richard Henry The acquisitive society Harcourt Book 1920
Williams, William Carlos Kora in hell: improvisations Four Seas Book 1920
Ellis, Havelock The dance of life Houghton Book 1923
Santayana, George Scepticism and animal faith Dover Book 1923
Stevens, Wallace Harmonium Knopf Book 1923
Lawrence, D.H. Studies in classic American literature Doubleday Book 1951
Huxley, Aldous Leonard On art and artists Harper Book 1960
Aldington, Hilda Doolittle (H.D.) Heliodora and other poems Houghton Mifflin and Co. Book 1924
Sinclair, Upton Mammonart Author Book 1924
Lawrence, D.H. St. Mawr and the man who died Vintage Book 1928
Brandes, Georg Jesus, a myth Albert & Charles Boni Book 1926
Durant, Will The story of philosophy Simon Book 1926
Pound, Ezra Personae New Directions Book 1926
Stendahl The red and the black Modern Library Book 1926
Pound, Ezra Translations New Directions Book 1963
Lenin, Vladimir Ilich Materialism and empirio-criticisms International Book 1927
Mansfield, Katherine Journal Knopf Book 1927
Spinoza, Benedict de Philosophy, selected from his chief works Modern Library Book 1927

749 resources


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