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Author Title Publisher Document Type Date
Mumford, Lewis The human prospect Beacon Press, Boston, Mass. Book 1955
Dixon, W. MacNeile The human situation Oxford Book 1937
Morain, Lloyd Humanism as the next step Beacon Press Book 1954
Krueger, Kurt I was Hitler's doctor Biltmore Book 1943
If your ear is acute you sound your poem in silence: The Poetry of Loine Niedecker Review 1988
Homer The iliad New American Library Book 1950
Eiseley, Loren The immense journey Vintage Book 1957
Cook, Cathy Immortal Cupboard: In Search of Lorine Niedecker Video 2009
Williams, Oscar Immortal poems of the English language Washington Square Book 1952
Reznikoff, Charles In memoriam: 1933 Objectivist Press Book 1934
Robertson, Lisa In Phonographic Deep Song: Sounding Niedecker Article 2004
Paul Hayes, Martha Bergland Increase Lapham and Lorine Niedecker Friends of Lorine Niedecker, Inc. Article 2015
Savage, Elizabeth Anne Innovation as Interrogation in American Poetics PhD Dissertation 1998
Reznikoff, Charles Inscriptions: 1944-1956 Shulsinger Book 1959
Fabre, J. Henri The insect world of ____ Dodd, Mead & Co., N.Y. Book 1949
Moore, Harry T. The intelligent heart Grove Press Book 1962
Fiedelson, Charles Interpretations of American literature Oxford Book 1959
Santayana, George Interpretations of poetry and religion Harper Book 1957
Evans, George An interview with Carl Rakosi Article 1988
Shakespeare, William Introducing Shakespeare Penguin Books Book 1947
David, Wilk Introduction (Lorine Niedecker issue) Article 1975
McKeon, Richard Introduction to Aristotle Random House, N.Y. Book
Henderson, Harold G. An introduction to haiku Doubleday, N.Y. Book 1958
Dorn, Ed Introduction to My Friend Tree Wild Hawthorn Press Article 1961
Fees, Sandra The Irony of Freedom and Constraint in the Folk Poetry of Lorine Niedecker Article 1999

749 resources


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