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Author Title Publisher Document Type Date
James, Henry Parisian sketches Colliers Books, N.Y. Book 1961
James, Henry The turn of the screw New American Library, N.Y. Book 1962
James, Henry The American scene Scribner Book 1946
James, Henry Selected letters Doubleday Book 1955
James, Henry Casebook of 'The Turn of the Screw' Crowel Book 1960
James, Henry The tragic muse Dell Book 1961
Janson, H.W. The picture history of painting from cave Washington Square Press Book 1961
Jarrell, Randall Poetry and the age Vintage Book 1953
Jefferson, Thomas Autobiography of ____ Capricorn Books, N.Y. Book 1959
Jenkins, Matthew Grant Totally Bound: Tracing a Levinasian Ethics from Objectivism to Language Poetry PhD Dissertation 1999
Jenkins, Matthew G. Lorine Niedecker, Simone de Beauvoir, and the Sexual Ethics of Experience Article 2004
Jennison, Ruth Louise The Zukofsky Era: An Objectivists' Modernism PhD Dissertation 2004
Jensen, Geeta Sharma Review 2003
Johnson, Hewlett The Soviet power Modern Age Books Book 1940
Johnson, Samual Lives of the poets Avon books Book 1965
Johnson, Joan The Perfect Order: Lorine Niedecker's Poetry PhD Dissertation 1994
Jones, H. Spencer Life on other worlds New American Library Book 1940
Jones, Lindsey Pendleton Possession and Dispossession in the Poetics of Elizabeth Bishop and Lorine Niedecker PhD Dissertation 2002
Jowett, Lorna Representing Lives: Women and Auto/Biography Macmillan; St. Martin's Article 2000
Jowett, Lorna Elizabeth 'And silence': Lorine Niedecker and the Life of Poetry PhD Dissertation 1994
Jowett, Lorna Elizabeth 'And silence': Lorine Niedecker and the Life of Poetry PhD Dissertation 1994
Joyce, James A portrait of the artist as a young man Modern Library Book 1916
Kafka, Franz Letters to Milena Corgi Books Book 1953
Katz, Bill Review 1976
Keats, John The poetical works of ____ Oxford Univ. Press, London Book 1925

749 resources


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