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There are 749 resources.


Author Title Publisher Document Type Date
Plato Five great dialogues D. Van Nostrand Co., N.Y. Book 1942
Payne Robert The white pony Day Book 1947
Zukofsky, Louis Anew, poems Decker Book 1946
Melville, Herman Stories, poems and letters Dell Book 1962
Warren, Robert Penn Six centuries of great poetry Dell Book 1955
James, Henry The tragic muse Dell Book 1961
Weatherly, Edward H. Renaissance Dell Book 1962
Wolff, Perry A tour of the White House with Mrs. John F. Kennedy Dell Book 1962
Bishop, Morris Blaise Pascal Dell Book 1966
Vandenberg, J.H. The changing nature of man Dell Publ., N.Y. Book 1964
Plutarch Lives of the noble Romans Dell, N.Y. Book 1959
Cotrell, Leonard Lost Horizons Dells Publ. Inc. N.Y. Book 1964
Aurelius, Marcus Meditations Dent Book 1948
Phillips, William Great American short novels Dial Book 1946
Gorham, Charles Wine of life Dial Book 1958
Elson's pocket music dictionary Ditson Book 1909
Wilson, Edmund A literary chronicle: 1920-1950 Diybkedat Book 1952
Dolan, Edward F. Green universe Dodd Book 1959
Fabre, J. Henri The insect world of ____ Dodd, Mead & Co., N.Y. Book 1949
Santayana, George Three philosophical poets Doubleday Book 1910
Yeats, William Butler Autobiography Doubleday Book 1944
Lawrence, D.H. Studies in classic American literature Doubleday Book 1951
Bergson, Henri The two sources of morality and religion Doubleday Book 1954
Turner, W.J. Mozart, the man and his works Doubleday Book 1938
Rilke, Rainer Maria Selected letters Doubleday Book 1960

749 resources


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