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Author Title Publisher Document Type Date
Henderson, Harold G. An introduction to haiku Doubleday, N.Y. Book 1958
Herbst, Josephine New Green World Hastings Book 1954
Herrick, Robert Some poems New Directions, Norfolk, CN Book 1941
Hollander, John Essays in criticism Oxford Press, England Book 1968
Homer The odyssey Penguin Books, N.Y. Book 1947
Homer The odyssey New American Library Book 1937
Homer The iliad New American Library Book 1950
Honig, Edwin Lorine Niedecker: Woman and Poet National Poetry Foundation Article 1996
Hopkins, Gerard Manley A selection of his poems and prose Penguin Books Ltd., Middlesex Book 1954
Horace The complete works of ____ Random House, Inc., N.Y. Book 1936
Houglum, Brook Louise "This is poetry": U.S. Poetics and Radio, 1930-1960 PhD Dissertation 2009
Hove, Arthur Review of "Between Your House and Mine" Review 1987
Hubler, Edward The sense of Shakespear's sonnets Princeton Book 1952
Hume, David An enquiry concerning human understanding Washington Square Press, N.Y. Book 1963
Humphries, Rolfe New poems by American poets Ballantine Book 1953
Hunt, Leigh Autobiography Cresset Book 1948
Huxley, Aldous Leonard On art and artists Harper Book 1960
Huxley, Julian Man in the modern world New American Library Book 1943
Huxley, Julian Knowledge, morality, and destiny, essays New American Library Book 1957
Isken, Molly "A pencil for a wing-bone": Lorine Niedecker's Evolving Poetics PhD Dissertation 2014
Jackson, Charles The lost weekend Popular Library Book 1960
James, Henry Daisy Miller Penguin Books, N.Y. Book 1947
James, Henry The American novels and stories Alfred A. Knopf, N.Y. Book 1947
James, Henry Daumier Rodale Press, London Book 1954
James, Henry The art of travel Doubleday Co. Inc., N.Y. Book 1958

749 resources


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