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Author Title Publisher Document Type Date
Symonds, John Addington Renaissance in Italy Capricorn Books, N.Y. Book 1961
Wagstaff, Steel Dwelling with Place: Lorine Niedecker's Ecopoetics Center for Culture History and Environment, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, University of WI - Madison Article 2015
Cunliffe, John William Century readings for a course in English Century Book 1910
Stewart, Harold A Net of Fireflies Charles E. Tuttle Company Book 1960
Santayana, George Persons and places Chas. Scribner's Sons, N.Y. Book 1944
Snow, C.P. Variety of men Chas. Scribner's Sons, N.Y. Book 1966
Shapley, Harlow Beyond the observatory Chas. Scribner's Sons, N.Y. Book 1967
Browning, Robert Pomegranates from an English garden: a selection from the poems Chautauqua Press Book 1885
Origin (Volumes 1, 10, 11, 14, 15, 16, 20) Cid Corman, Editor, Kyoto, Japan Book
Corso, Gregory Gasoline City Lights Books Book 1958
Ginsberg, Allen Howl, and other poems City Lights Pocket Bookshop Book 1956
Lucretius On the nature of things Clarendon Press, Oxford, England Book 1948
Bunting, Basil Poems: 1950 Cleaner's Press Book
Eastman, Fred Men of power, volume 2 Cokesbury Book 1938
Cohen, Joseph Reason and nature Collier Macmillan, London Book 1960
James, Henry Parisian sketches Colliers Books, N.Y. Book 1961
Leary, Lewlis Motive and method in the Cantos of Ezra Columbia Book 1954
Rosenberg, John D. The darkening glass Columbia Book 1961
Kafka, Franz Letters to Milena Corgi Books Book 1953
Conte, Joseph Unending Design: the Forms of Postmodern Poetry Cornell UP Article 1991
Conte, Joseph Unending Design: the Forms of Postmodern Poetry Cornell UP Article 1991
Churchill, Sir Winston Painting as a pastime Cornerstone Library Book 1950
Italy, vacation guidebook Cornerstone Library Book 1963
Hunt, Leigh Autobiography Cresset Book 1948
James, Henry Casebook of 'The Turn of the Screw' Crowel Book 1960

749 resources


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