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Author Title Publisher Document Type Date
Shakespeare, William Four great comedies Pocket Books Book 1948
Lewis, Clive Staples The four loves Harcourt Book 1960
Shaw, George Bernard Four plays Laurel Book 1957
Eliot, T.S. Four quarters Harcourt Book 1943
Marlatt, Daphne Frames of a story Ryerson Book 1968
Burke, Daniel E. From Pastorals to Paterson: Ecology in the Poetry and Poetics of William Carlos Williams PhD Dissertation 2014
Williams, Jonathan From This Condensery: the Complete Writing of Lorine Niedecker The Jargon Society Article 1985
Bosley, Keith The Full Note: Lorine Niedecker Interim Press Article 1983
Caddell, Ric The Full Note: Lorine Niedecker Article 1983
Dent, Peter The Full Note: Lorine Niedecker Interim Press Book 1983
Freeman, John The Full Note: Lorine Niedecker Interim Press Article 1983
Fisher, Louis Gandhi New American Library Book 1946
Corso, Gregory Gasoline City Lights Books Book 1958
Perry, Katherine D. Gender on Paper: Performances in American Women's Poetry, 1650-Present PhD Dissertation 2007
Metcalf, Paul Genoa Jonathan Williams Book 1965
Edelman, Rachel The Geologic of Lorine Niedecker's "Lake Superior" PhD Dissertation 2016
Pick, John Gerard Manley Hopkins-priest and poet Oxford University Press, N.Y. Book 1966
Roub, Gail Getting to Know Lorine Niedecker Article 1986
Carruth, Allison Global Appetites: Literary Form and Food Politics from World War I to the World Trade Organization PhD Dissertation 2008
Schweitzer, Albert Goethe: five studies Beacon Press Book 1961
Payne, Robert The gold of Troy Library Incorporated, N.Y. Book 1961
Palgrave, Francis T. Golden treasury Macmillan Book 1928
Hasek, Jaroslav The good soldier, Schweik Penguin Book 1930
Corman, Cid The Granite Pail: the Selected Poems of Lorine Niedecker North Point Press Article 1985
Phillips, William Great American short novels Dial Book 1946

749 resources


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