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Author Title Publisher Document Type Date
Trawick, Buckner B. World Literature, vol. 1 Barnes Book 1953
Frost, S.E. Jr. Basic teachings of the great philosophers Barnes & Noble, Inc., N.Y. Book 1956
Nemerov, Howard Poets on poetry Basic Books Book 1966
Lewis, Wyndham Time and western man Beacon Press Book 1957
Schweitzer, Albert Goethe: five studies Beacon Press Book 1961
Morain, Lloyd Humanism as the next step Beacon Press Book 1954
Mumford, Lewis The human prospect Beacon Press, Boston, Mass. Book 1955
Hemingway, Ernest Men at war Berkley Book 1942
Krueger, Kurt I was Hitler's doctor Biltmore Book 1943
Dorn, Edward Gunslinger, book 1 Black Sparrow Press Book 1968
Zukofsky, Celia A bibliography of Louis Zukofsky Black Sparrow Press Book 1969
Nietzsche, Friedrich Thus spake zarathustra Boni and Liveright, N.Y. Book
Gardner, Albert T.E. Winslow Homer Bramhall Book 1961
Goodrich, Lloyd Winslow Homer Braziller Book 1959
Dahlberg, Edward Epitaphs of our times letters Braziller Book 1967
Upton, Lee Defensive Measures: The Poetry of Neidecker, Bishop, Gluck and Carson Bucknell UP Book 2005
Wordsworth, William Complete poetical works Burt Book
Bell, Margaret Margaret Fuller: a biography C. Boni Book 1930
Dampier, Sir William C. A history of science Cambridge Book 1948
Penberthy, Jenny Niedecker and the Correspondence with Zukofsky, 1931-1970 Cambridge UP Book 1993
Hemingway, Ernest A moveable feast Cape Book 1964
Catallus (Cai Valeri Catulli Veronen-sis Liber) Cape Goliard Press, London Book 1969
Torrey, Norman L. Les Philosphes Capricorn Book 1960
Machiavelli, Niccolo Letters Capricorn Books Book 1961
Jefferson, Thomas Autobiography of ____ Capricorn Books, N.Y. Book 1959

749 resources


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