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Author Title Publisher Document Type Date
Hollander, John Essays in criticism Oxford Press, England Book 1968
Peterson, Houston Essays in philosophy Pocket Books, N.Y. Book 1959
Lawrence, D.H. Etruscan places Viking Press, N.Y. Book 1957
Every man's Bible Lion Book 1953
Augustine,, Jane The Evolution of Matter: Lorine Niedecker's Asthetic Article 1982
Faranda, Lisa Pater Excerpt from a letter to the editors, on Niedecker's work and life Article 1983
Pepys, Samuel Exciting days in ----- Peter Pauper Press, Mt. Vernon, N.Y. Book 1966
Peterson, Becky Experimentation, Identification, Ornamentation: Avant-Garde Women Artists and Modernism's Exceptional Objects PhD Dissertation 2010
Walsh, Phyllis Explorations: Poetry of Lorine Niedecker Article 1986
Parks, Justin Michael Extending the Document: American Poetry and the Cultural Politics of Depression Documentary PhD Dissertation 2014
Norman, Charles Ezra Pound Macmillan, N.Y. Book 1960
Fraser, G.S. Ezra Pound Grove Press Book 1960
La Fontaine Fables Viking Book 23408
Shakespeare Famous scenes from Shakespeare Permabooks Book 1950
Armantrout,, Rae Feminist Poetics and the Meaning of Clarity Article 1992
Brooks, Van Wyck Fenollosa and his circle Dutton Book 1962
Charbonneau, David Douglas Finding the Middle Ground: Modern Regionalism and Midwestern Poetry, 1930-2003 PhD Dissertation 2003
Eiseley, Loren The firmament of time Atheneum , N.Y. Book 1966
Plato Five great dialogues D. Van Nostrand Co., N.Y. Book 1942
Reznikoff, Charles Five groups of verse Author Book 1927
Peattie, Donald C. Flowering earth Viking Book 1939
Davenport, Guy Flowers and leaves Williams Book 1966
Baudelaire, Charles Flowers of evil New Directions Book 1958
Middleton, Peter Folk Poetry and the American Avant-Garde: Placing Lorine Article 1997
Corman, Cid A Footnote to 'with Lorine' Article 1975

749 resources


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