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Author Title Publisher Document Type Date
Fitzgerald, F. Scott Tender is the night Bantam Books Book 1934
Flaubert, Gustave Selected letters Hamilton Book 1954
Ford, Ford Madox Portraits from life Henry Regnery Col Book 1937
Forester, E.M. Two cheers for democracy Harcourt Book 1951
Franciosi, Robert The Ojectivist Nexus: Essays in Cultural Poetics U of Alabama P Article 1999
Frank, Philipp Modern science and its philosophy Harvard Book 1949
Fraser, G.S. Ezra Pound Grove Press Book 1960
Freeman, John The Full Note: Lorine Niedecker Interim Press Article 1983
Fremantle, Anne The age of belief Mentor Book 1954
Freud, Sigmund Letters McGraw Book 1960
Fromm, Erick May man prevail Doubleday Co. Inc., N.Y. Book 1960
Frost, S.E. Jr. Basic teachings of the great philosophers Barnes & Noble, Inc., N.Y. Book 1956
Fry, Roger Vision and design Penguin Book 1920
Fuller, B.A.G. A history of philosophy Holt Book 1955
Gardner, Albert T.E. Winslow Homer Bramhall Book 1961
Gartung, Karl One by Herself: The Achievement of Lorine Niedecker Article 1986
Gartung, Karl Lorine Niedecker: Woman and Poet National Poetry Foundation Photograph 1996
Ghiselin, Brewster The creative process Mentor Book 1952
Ghiselin, Brewster The creative process New American Library, N.Y. Book
Gibson, Morgan Lorine Niedecker, Alive and Well Article 1975
Gibson, Michelle "Stuff That Once Was Rock": Critical Treatments of the Work of Lorine Niedecker PhD Dissertation 1993
Gilot, Francoise Life with Picasso New American Library Book 1964
Ginsberg, Allen Howl, and other poems City Lights Pocket Bookshop Book 1956
Goethe The great writings of ____ Mentor Books, N.Y. Book 1958
Goldern, Harry Only in America Permabooks Book 1958

749 resources


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