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Author Title Publisher Document Type Date
Copland, Aaron What to listen for in music Mentor Book 1939
Engels, Frederick Her Eugen Duhring's revolution in science International Publishers Book 1939
Peattie, Donald C. Flowering earth Viking Book 1939
Cage, John Silence M.I.T. Press Book 1961
Dent, Edward J. Opera Penguin Books Book 1940
Johnson, Hewlett The Soviet power Modern Age Books Book 1940
Jones, H. Spencer Life on other worlds New American Library Book 1940
Orwell, George 1984 New American Library Book 1940
Speare, M.E. The pocket book of verse Pocket Books Book 1940
Dahlberg, Edward Do these bones live Harcourt Book 1941
Pascal, Blaise Pensees Modern Library Book 1941
Sorokin, Pitirim A. The crisis of our age Dutton Book 1941
Williams, William Carlos The broken span New Directions Book 1941
Young, Charles Lowell Emerson's Montaigne Macmillan Book 1941
Zola, Emile Nana Pocket Books Book 1941
Krueger, Kurt I was Hitler's doctor Biltmore Book 1943
Frank, Philipp Modern science and its philosophy Harvard Book 1949
Zukofsky, Louis All the collected short poems, 1923-1958 Norton Book 1965
Bacon, Francis Essays and The New Atlantis Van Nostrand Book 1942
Hemingway, Ernest Men at war Berkley Book 1942
Lin, Yu-t'ang The wisdom of China and India Modern Library Book 1942
Shakespeare, William Shakespeare without tears Fawcett Book 1942
Tacitus Complete works Modern Library Book 1942
Burk, John N. The life and works of Beethoven Modern Library Book 1946
Eliot, T.S. Four quarters Harcourt Book 1943

749 resources


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