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Author Title Publisher Document Type Date
Vega, Michelle To Probe the River Trees: A Conversation Between the Poetics of John Clare and Lorine Niedecker PhD Dissertation 2007
Whitehead, Molly Delight Saving Graces: The Economies of Water, Rock, and Poetry in the Work of Lorine Faith Niedecker PhD Dissertation 1989
Cox, Kenneth Collected Studies in the Use of English Agenda Editions Book 2001
Brandes, Georg Jesus, a myth Albert & Charles Boni Book 1926
James, Henry The American novels and stories Alfred A. Knopf, N.Y. Book 1947
Farrow, John The story of Thomas Moore All Saints Press Book 1954
Copeland, Charles T. Selections from Byron, Wordsworth, Shelley American Book Company Book 1909
Lewis, William D. Practical English for high schools American Book Company Book 1916
Bigland, Eileen Mary Shelley Appleton-Century-Crofts Book 1959
Zukofsky, Louis Bottom: on Shakespeare 2v. Ark Press Book 1963
Carlyle, Jane W. Letters Arrow Book 1959
Montgomery, D.H. The leading facts of English history Atheneum Book 1912
Eiseley, Loren The firmament of time Atheneum , N.Y. Book 1966
Reznikoff, Charles Five groups of verse Author Book 1927
LaFollette, Robert M. Political philosophy Author Book 1920
Sinclair, Upton Mammonart Author Book 1924
Reznikoff, Nathan Early history of a sewing-machine operator Author Book 1936
Johnson, Samual Lives of the poets Avon books Book 1965
Humphries, Rolfe New poems by American poets Ballantine Book 1953
Chichester, Francis The lonely sea and the sky Ballantine Book 1964
Fitzgerald, F. Scott Tender is the night Bantam Books Book 1934
Fast, Howard Citizen Tom Paine Bantam Books Book 1943
Clemens, Samuel L. Life on the Mississippi Bantam Books Book 1945
Patterson, Haywood Scottsboro boy Bantam Books Book 1950
Robbins, S.A. See America free Bantam Books Book 1967

749 resources


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