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Author Title Publisher Document Type Date
Upton, Lee Defensive Measures: The Poetry of Neidecker, Bishop, Gluck and Carson Bucknell UP Book 2005
Williams, William Carlos The desert music Random Book 1954
Lamont, Corliss Dialogue on George Santayana Horizon Book 1959
Whitehead, Alfred N. Dialogues, as recorded by Lucien Price Mentor Book 1954
Faranda, Lisa Pater Dictionary of Literary Biography: American Poets, 1880 - 1945 Gale Research Company Article 1986
Miller, J. Hillis The disappearance of God Schocken Books Book 1963
Oppen, George Discrete series Objectivist Press Book 1934
Shakespeare, William Discussions of Hamlet Heath Book 1960
Sale, Roger Discussions of the novel Heath Book 1960
Ronda, Margaret Inkpen Disenchanted Georgics: The Aesthetics of Labor in American Poetry PhD Dissertation 2009
Dante, Alighieri The divine comedy Random House Book 1950
Pearson, Hesketh Dizzy Grosset Book 1951
Dahlberg, Edward Do these bones live Harcourt Book 1941
Davenport, Guy Do you have a poem book on e.e. cummings? Jargon Society Book 1969
Wagstaff, Steel Dwelling with Place: Lorine Niedecker's Ecopoetics Center for Culture History and Environment, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, University of WI - Madison Article 2015
Williams, Jonathan An ear in Bartram's tree Univ. of N.C. Press, Chapel Hill Book 1959
Reznikoff, Nathan Early history of a sewing-machine operator Author Book 1936
Skinner, Jonathan Ecopoetics: Outsider Poetries of the Twentieth Century PhD Dissertation 2005
Hansen, Jefferson Paul The Edge of the Local Pragmatist Aesthetics and Objectivist Poetry PhD Dissertation 1993
Elson's pocket music dictionary Ditson Book 1909
Young, Charles Lowell Emerson's Montaigne Macmillan Book 1941
Hume, David An enquiry concerning human understanding Washington Square Press, N.Y. Book 1963
Dahlberg, Edward Epitaphs of our times letters Braziller Book 1967
Williams, Jonathan Eptaphs for Lorine The Jargon Society Article 1973
Bacon, Francis Essays and The New Atlantis Van Nostrand Book 1942

749 resources


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