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  • Reviews of her work.
  • PhD dissertations.
  • Links to Lorine's small handmade books from the digitized archive.

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Author Title Publisher Document Type Date
D'Evelyn, Thomas Review 1985
Dahlberg, Edward Do these bones live Harcourt Book 1941
Dahlberg, Edward The sorrows of Priapus New Directions Book 1957
Dahlberg, Edward Truth is more sacred Horizon Book 1961
Dahlberg, Edward Epitaphs of our times letters Braziller Book 1967
Dahlen, Beverly Notes On Reading Lorine Niedecker Article 1983
Dampier, Sir William C. A history of science Cambridge Book 1948
Dante, Alighieri The divine comedy Random House Book 1950
Davenport, Guy Flowers and leaves Williams Book 1966
Davenport, Guy Do you have a poem book on e.e. cummings? Jargon Society Book 1969
David, Wilk Introduction (Lorine Niedecker issue) Article 1975
Davie, Donald Lorine Niedecker: Lyric Minimum and Epic Scope Article 1981
Davie, Donald Postmodernism and Lorine Niedecker Article 1991
Davie, Donald Review 1987
Davies, Alan A Pencil for a Wing-Bone Article 1975
Dent, Edward J. Opera Penguin Books Book 1940
Dent, Peter The Full Note: Lorine Niedecker Interim Press Book 1983
Derleth, August New poetry out of Wisconsin Stanton Book 1969
Devoto, Bernard The journals of Lewis and Clark Houghton Mifflin, Boston, N.Y. Book 1953
Dickinson, Emily Selected poems and letters of ____ Doubleday Co., Inc. N.Y. Book 1959
Dickinson, Emily The recognition of ____ Univ. of Michigan Press Book 1964
Dickinson, Emily Love poems Peter Pauper Press, Mt. Vernon, N.Y. Book
Diderot, Denis Rameau's nephew and D'Alembert's dream Penguin Books, England Book 1966
Dimick, Sarah Lorine Niedecker's "Lake Superior": Articulating Landscape Through Textual Collage Article
Dixon, W. MacNeile The human situation Oxford Book 1937

749 resources


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