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Author Title Publisher Document Type Date
Bowra, C.M. The Greek experience New American Library Book 1959
Boswell, James Life of Samuel Johnson New American Library Book 1968
Bishop, Morris Blaise Pascal Dell Book 1966
Bigland, Eileen Mary Shelley Appleton-Century-Crofts Book 1959
Berry, Eleanor Reading the Middle Generation Anew: Culture, Community, and Form in Twentieth-Century American Poetry U Iowa P Book 2006
Bergson, Henri Creative evolution Modern Library Book 1944
Bergson, Henri The creative mind Philosophical Library Book 1946
Bergson, Henri The two sources of morality and religion Doubleday Book 1954
Benedict, Ruth Patterns of a culture New American Library Book 1953
Bell, Margaret Margaret Fuller: a biography C. Boni Book 1930
Beard, Charles A. and Mary R. The rise of American civilization Macmillan Book 1939
Baudelaire, Charles Flowers of evil New Directions Book 1958
Aurelius, Marcus Meditations Dent Book 1948
Arnold, Mathew Passages from the prose writings of Matthew Arnold New York University Press Book 1963
Arnett, Willard E. Santayana and the sense of beauty Indiana Univ. Press Book 1957
Armantrout, Rae Artifice and Indeterminacy: An Anthology of New Poetics U Alabama P Book 1998
Alvarez, A. The school of Donne Mentor Book 1967
Allen, Glover Morrill Birds and their attributes Dover Book 1962
Adema, Marcel Apollinaire Heinemann Book 1954
Adams, Brooks The law of civilization and decay Vintage Books Book 1955
Abbott,, Reginald All Fashions Feud': Images of Fashionable and Unfashionable Women in Lorine Niedecker Article 1989
Armantrout,, Rae Feminist Poetics and the Meaning of Clarity Article 1992
Arnold,, Elizabeth Review 2003
Augustine,, Jane review of "Collected Works" Review 2003
Augustine,, Jane A Woman Poet, Specifically Article 1975

749 resources


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