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Author Title Publisher Document Type Date
Wagstaff, Steel Dwelling with Place: Lorine Niedecker's Ecopoetics Center for Culture History and Environment, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, University of WI - Madison Article 2015
Penberthy, Jenny A Litttle Too Little: Re-reading Lorine Niedecker Article 1999
Shea, Nancy Books Mentioned in Niedecker's Correspondence with Zukofsky Article
Shea, Nancy Books Mentioned in "Between Your House and Mine" Article
Brooks-Motl, Hannah The Lives of Lorine Niedecker: how important is a poet's biography? Poetry Foundation Article 2013
Penberthy, Jenny The very variants: A few revisions to Lorine Niedecker's 'Collected Works' Article 2013
Carson, Rachel L. The sea around us Signet Book 1961
Carlyle, Jane W. Letters Arrow Book 1959
Cage, John Silence M.I.T. Press Book 1961
Caesar, Julius War commentaries New American Library Book 1960
Cabell, James Branch Beyond life: Dizaine des Demiurges Modern Library Book 1919
Byron, Lord The selected letters of Lord Byron Grosset & Dunlap Book 1953
Butler, OP, Father Richard Life and world of George Santayana Regnery Book 1960
Burns, Robert Poems and songs Dutton Book 1963
Burk, John N. The life and works of Beethoven Modern Library Book 1946
Bunting, Basil Poems: 1950 Cleaner's Press Book
Bunting, Basil Loquitur Fulcrum Press Book 1965
Bunting, Basil Briggflatts Fulcrum Press Book 1968
Brooks, Van Wyck The world of Washington Irving World Publishing Book 1946
Brooks, Van Wyck Fenollosa and his circle Dutton Book 1962
Brooke, Rupert The poetical works of Rupert Brooke Faber & Faber Book 1967
Bronowski, J. The common sense of science Random House Book
Brandes, Georg Jesus, a myth Albert & Charles Boni Book 1926
The American tradition in literature Norton Book 1957
Bowra, C.M. Primitive song New American Library Book 1962

749 resources


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