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  • Reviews of her work.
  • PhD dissertations.
  • Links to Lorine's small handmade books from the digitized archive.

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Author Title Publisher Document Type Date
Smith, Charles A pencil/borrowing bone: Some Notes on the Poetics of Lorine Niedecker Article 1995
Walsh, Phyllis Explorations: Poetry of Lorine Niedecker Article 1986
Walsh, Phyllis Lorine Niedecker: A Feminist Sensibility Article 1987
Weinberger, Eliot Niedecker/Reznikoff Article 2006
David, Wilk Introduction (Lorine Niedecker issue) Article 1975
Williams, Jonathan Is Pamela McFram Gleese America's Greatest Poet? Article 1962
Williams, Jonathan Letter to Clayton Eshelman Article 1971
Williams, Jonathan Letter to the New York Times Article 1975
Willis, Elizabeth Possessing Possession: Lorine Niedecker, Folk and the Allegory of Making Article 2001
Willis, Elizabeth The Poetics of Affinity: Lorine Niedecker, William Morris, and the Art of Work Article 2005
Mortensen, Peter Review of "Between Your House and Mine" Review 1988
If your ear is acute you sound your poem in silence: The Poetry of Loine Niedecker Review 1988
Penberthy, Jenny Review 1987
Hove, Arthur Review of "Between Your House and Mine" Review 1987
Busse, Sarah Lorine Niedecker's "marriage": Discoveries Article 2010
Cook, Cathy Immortal Cupboard: In Search of Lorine Niedecker Video 2009
Clausen, Jan Review 1987
Davie, Donald Review 1987
Penberthy, Jenny Review 1987
Martha, Nichols Review 1987
Clausen, Jan Review 1987
Penberthy, Jenny Review 1987
Penberthy, Jenny Review 1986
Caddel, Ric Review 1986
Boggis, Jay Review 1986

749 resources


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