Lorine's cabin water lily


About the Friends of Lorine Niedecker

The Friends of Lorine Niedecker, Inc. is dedicated to preserving and expanding the legacy of Lorine Niedecker. Our organization offers access to archives, educational materials and a semiannual newsletter.

Board of Directors

Ann Engelman - President
Amy Lutzke - Secretary/Treasurer
Karl Gartung

Ronnie Hess

Dot Kent

Merrilee Lee
Tom Montag
Pat Moran
Margot Peters
Nancy Rafal
Bonnie Roub

Nancy Shea

Paul Smyth

Chuck Stebelton

Steel Wagstaff

Funding and Partnerships
Friends of Lorine Niedecker is a 501c3.

Funding and grants have included:
"Friends" include individual donors who respond to a bi-annual request for funds
Wisconsin Humanities Council
Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets
Fort Atkinson Arts Council
Fort Atkinson Community Foundation
Friends of the Dwight Foster Public Library
Poetry Foundation
Library Services and Technology Act funds

Partners have included:

Dwight Foster Public Library - Fort Atkinson

Hoard Historical Museum - Fort Atkinson
Woodland Pattern Book Center - Milwaukee
Token Creek Music Festival - Madison
Chazen Museum of Art - Madison

Friends of Lorine Niedecker - A Short History

The Friends of Lorine Niedecker was officially formed in June of 2004 when we were granted 501c3 non-profit status. The first indication that "friends" in Fort Atkinson were caring about Lorine's legacy is a 1971 article Reminisces of a Friend by Juanita Shreiner. In 1987 Jane Shaw Knox's Lorine Niedecker, An Original Biography was published. Activities began in earnest at the Dwight Foster Public Library in the late 1980's.
Reports and meeting minutes began to document acquisitions, visitors and expenditures. In 1990 work began to get a Wisconsin Historical marker at Lorine's home on Blackhawk Island. Lorine friends Gail and Bonnie Roub, librarian Mary Gates and volunteer Marilla Fuge worked diligently. The marker was erected in 1991. Mary and Marilla also conducted interviews with people that knew Lorine.
In 2003 Marilla Fuge and Mary Gates "retired" from leadership of Niedecker activities. In 2005 Amy Lutzke, Dwight Foster Public Library Assistant Director and Ann Engelman, a volunteer in the community, began to refocus and officially establish The Friends of Lorine Niedecker. Annual Activities Reports are generated each year. In 2005 a Web site was established, a newsletter began and a study unit was created. In 2009 the Lorine Niedecker Wisconsin Poetry Festival began and public art projects were initiated. The Solitary Plovers study group began in Fort Atkinson in 2013 and a Monograph series What Region began in 2015.
There is currently a fifteen member board.

For permission to reproduce or use Lorine Niedecker's work please contact her literary executor:

Bob Arnold
Longhouse, publishers & booksellers
P.O. Box 2454
West Brattleboro, Vermont 05303
email: poetry@sover.net